South America on 35mm Film

Today I am going to be publishing a different type of blog and I am excited to share it with you all.
A travel blog with film photo’s only! In August 2015 I traveled with my analog camera {Canon EOS 3 } through South America and used the film rolls fuji 400 pro. All photos are developed by Carmencitafilmlab. Within one month I visited the countries Bolivia (Santa Cruz), Argentina (Iguazu), Paraguay and Brazil. We began with the first destination: Bolivia! Bolivia is a country of amazingly kind people, local food and a lot of fruit. Also, it is a country of saddening poverty and as far as Santa Cruz goes it is very busy and crowded … which is not surprising as I heard the city has grown 10 times its previous size in the past 25 years.
After five days in Santa Cruz, we flew over to Asuncion in Paraguay to reach the Iguazu waterfalls in Argentina.
We stayed one night in Paraguay and had a few left to discover the city.nIn comparison to Santa Cruz Asuncion was a bit cleaner and also more developed. From local markets to great shoppings malls and cafes we found we could easily pass the day there before leaving by bus to Argentina.
To Iguazu Falls it was a six hour bus drive. This provided a lovely opportunity to see more of the countryside of Paraguay.
We made it! We arrived in Argentina and ‘oh we had just a lovely place to stay.’ A bungalow in the middle of the beautiful jungle. What a dream it was! Looking back it was one of my favorite parts of the trip. These three days we were surrounded by the beauty of nature, silence, and fresh air.
Every morning we awoke to be surprised upon opening the front door, where fresh bread and milk where already served by the room service.
If you ever go to see the waterfalls I would definitively recommend this as a place to stay. The waterfalls were absolutely amazing to see and to experience. It is something that a photo cannot express. The overwhelming sound from the waterfalls crashing down and on the rocks. Everywhere you looked rainbows reflected, monkeys and coatles appeared everywhere. I had never before experienced nature like that in my life. This is definitively a thing you should add to your bucket list.
The next destination was Brazil! If you ask me, this is the country I would visit again the soonest.  Before we went to Rio de Janeiro we visited Florianopolis. It is an Island very close to the coast, which people from Brazil themselves say ‘is one of the nicest places to visit.’ So we wanted to go there. Many beautiful beaches and little fisher-boats in different colors everywhere. In August it is ‘winter’ in Brazil and because of that we saw a lot of abandoned beaches which made it a mystic place to photograph. Florianopolis is also famous for its beautiful surf spots, so we tried that too of course. We enjoyed the Island with its delicious and fresh seafood dishes accompanied by refreshing Caipirinhas. I think I never ate so much fish in one week! Let the pictures themselves give you an impression of the Island.
And then we arrived in Rio de Janeiro. ‘What can I say.. it was just AMAZING!!’ This is a city that really inspires me. In spite of the stories you heard about dangerous situations I felt pretty safe. The atmosphere was very relaxing and the people were so kind. There are bars and cafes everywhere and it felt like a city that never works-everyone perpetually on holidays. The breathtaking moments we had at the Santo Cristo and the Sugarloaf-mountain will stay with us forever. It was nothing but amazing-a city with mountains and jungles areas in the middle of the city and many sides to discover.








After spending 7 days in Rio de Janeiro. It was ready to go home.
One night we spend in Sao Paulo to take our flight back to Barcelona. Bye, bye South America!!