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My name is Charlotte, passionate about photography, citations and branding. In my opinion photography is a way of speaking and experiencing yourself through the work. 

I was born in Germany, but I have the Dutch nationality and Dutch is the language I’m thinking in. Four years ago, I found my new home in Barcelona (Spain), a city to be loved. A beach, the sun, the sea and surrounded by mountains, is almost all I need. It makes this place almost impossible not to fall in love with. But there is something beyond I still need and want to discover. Something time will show me.  

I started my small business as a photographer back in the Netherlands where I studied. I’m blessed and happy I found this part in my life that gives me joy while I am working. I started my path as a wedding photographer where I discovered that It feels special to be part of a wedding day. Although I decided to do limited quantity of weddings from now on, it is still possible to book me for your wedding day. (just fill in the contact form on the website). 
Recently, I started to shift my career as a photographer towards fashion and travel where I work together with local and international brands, as well as with bloggers and influencers.  While taking pictures of products and fashion, I still maintain my own consistent style which runs through all my work. A consistent style in pictures represents you and your brand and builds brand recognition. Therefore, having a consistent representation of your works and products on your social media platform and/or website is crucial in building your own brand. I am honoured to work with some truly amazing businesses and friends whom I help to represent their own business and style.
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